Bob Marley's 8 Simple Ways to Go Green with Power
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  UK Batteries Co. Ltd » Bob Marley's 8 Simple Ways to Go Green with Power


 Bob Marley's 8 Simple Ways to Go Green with Power

As the immortal Kermit the Frog put it, "It's not easy being green." The idea of going green is a noble one. It sounds good, we all know we need to make changes in the way we go about our daily lives in order to preserve our beautiful planet and reduce our energy consumption. However, actually implementing these necessary changes can be a whole different story.

Making radical changes in your day to day life can be overwhelming, therefore the key going green is taking baby steps. Here are a 8 tunes from the legendary Bob Marley that will set you on the right paths to going green.

1. "Coming In From The Cold"
Running your furnace, your hot water heater, and any other heat generating contraption can be costly and use up loads of electricity and gas. Minor changes around the home such as making sure windows and doors stay closed can make a huge difference and minimize the amount of power you use.

2. "Turn Your Lights Down Low"
One way could be installing light dimmers, which cut electricity use by the same percentage that they lower the light. An even simpler step is to just keep lights off around the home as much as possible. While on a recent trip to Central America, I was amazed at how many people keep battery operated lanterns and headlamps around their homes in order to cut back on their electric bills. Perhaps keeping a couple of these around the home might be a wise way to go green.

3. "Natural Mystic"
Utilizing nature can be key to going green. Let your clothes air-dry instead of wasting massive amounts of energy in the dryer.

4. "Natty Dread"
I've been amazed at the length of time it takes many women (and some men) to blow-dry their hair. This burns a ton of power. Try towel-drying your hair more or just letting time take care of drying your do. Think about how much power you would conserve by cutting blow-dryer usage in half. Or you can go crazy with it and move to dread-locks, you'll never have to blow-dry again!

5. "Burnin' and Lootin'"
Appliances that include a clock or operate by a remote, as well as chargers are all sucking electricity even when you're not using them. They're called 'vampire appliances' because they just suck and suck. The more appliances you have plugged in, the more energy you consume. And it can really add up. So while you're sleeping or simply not even using many of the appliances around the home, you're still burning electricity and getting looted on your electric bill. Remember to unplug as well as go to battery-operated alarm clocks when hitting the sack.

6. "Sun is Shining"
Utilizing the sun and all of it's goodness can be a simple way to move in the green direction. Switching to solar power is becoming more common,but even just taking advantage of the sunlight and all of it's benefits can greatly reduce the amount of power you use.

7. "Keep on Moving"
With the millions upon millions of lap-top owners around the world spending hours in front of the screen, using your battery power instead of staying plugged into the wall at all times can be a smooth way to cut back on the amount of power you use. Plug in, get charged up, then unplug and keep on moving.

8. "Caution"
The simplest way to going green? Use caution, be aware, and make the little changes in your daily life that will lead to you leaving a smaller footprint on the earth. Their are hundreds of ways to reduce the amount of power you use, you just have to open your eyes.

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