How to Prepare Batteries for Recycling
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  UK Batteries Co. Ltd » How to Prepare Batteries for Recycling


 How to Prepare Batteries for Recycling

You can recycle your batteries at a local recycling center, but you also have the option of shipping them there as well. If this option interests you, this guide will walk you through the process of preparing your batteries the right way in order to ensure that they will be accepted when arriving at the recycling destination. These measures are taken in order to keep everyone involved in the transportation and recycling of the batteries safe. Be sure to check out our Battery Warranty and Return Policy and Battery F.A.Qs for disposal information on each individual battery type.

Step 1: Separate your batteries by chemistry (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, Sealed Lead Acid, etc.)

Step 2: Wrap each individual battery in bubble wrap. The bubble wrap will ensure that the batteries do not become damaged during transport as leaks could occur. It also keeps the contacts from touching other contacts as it could cause a short circuit.

Step 3: Place each group of batteries in their own separate cardboard box.

Step 4: Label the outside of each box: "FOR RECYCLING" and then label each box according to the chemistry of the batteries within.

Step 5: Use packing-peanuts to ensure that the batteries will not move around inside the boxes while being transported.

Step 6: Seal all the boxes with reinforced packing tape.

Step 7: Ship out the boxes to the designated recycling service center.

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